Diogo Kollross

PHP/Laravel & Vue.js Developer

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I have a long history with software development. At the age of 10, when I still dreamed of being a paramedic, I learned programming by myself with some old magazines and using my grandfather's 8-bit computer. From that moment on I was hooked. By the time I joined the Undergraduate Computer Science course I had already tinkered with languages like Delphi, Clipper, and assembly.

Programming professionally since 2002, I love solving technical challenges. I like to apply the best practices on my job and always try to balance my perfectionism with the pragmatism that real life business demands. I've created my own web framework more than once and that taught me hard lessons on not reinventing the wheel.

Occasionally I contribute to open source - with code and translations - and would love to do that on a regular basis. Open source projects that I created include a custom Java applet viewer that doesn't require the Java plugin, a web application that converts curl commands to various programming languages, a command line project planner and task scheduler, and an HTTP server implemented in Bash.

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